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Buying a home is a very important life event, and no detail should go overlooked. Especially when you’re a first-time home buyer. Attic to Alley is here for you. We’re on-side and available every step of the way. Customer service is our priority and we’re working for your return business.

Tara Godwin is a licensed home inspector and HIABC member, living in the Okanagan Valley since 2006.

Our detail-oriented home inspection services help prospective home buyers make informed decisions. We inspect the property from top to bottom to locate structural defects, leaks, foundation issues, suspect microbial growth, and other problems which could end up being big-ticket expenses if left undetected.

In addition to visually inspecting the property’s interior and exterior components, we test the controls of all accessible, installed systems, and assess the grading and perimeter drainage surrounding the home. Your home inspector will provide you with an easy-to-read, detailed report of their findings that you can use now, and as a reference in the future. You are encouraged to join us during the inspection, so you can see first-hand what will need immediate attention. This is also an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the systems and features of your new home.

Focused on Protecting Your Family and Your Property Investment

Our specialties are related to:

  • First-time home buyers
  • Performance inspections – Been in your home a while? Not looking to sell, but are aware that it’s time for some bigger maintenance jobs? A performance inspection is for you.

Comprehensive Service at Competitive Rates

Attic to Alley Home Inspections Inc. can provide the following inspections for:

  • Condominium 
  • General home 
  • Duplex 
  • Fourplex 
  • Townhome
  • Cottage/vacation home
  • Performance 
  • New home
  • Pre-listing

Inspections start at $495.00 plus tax for homes, and $395.00 plus tax for condos.

Please read through the Home Inspectors Association of British Columbia Scope of Inspection. It provides you with an outline of our code of ethics as well as the depth of service you can expect during your home inspection.

Now, Are You Ready for a Breath of Fresh Air?

Attic to Alley Home Inspections Inc. also offers indoor air quality and mold testing as part of our services. Find out how your home is doing before it’s too late. Even if you don’t have existing respiratory issues, everyone in your home, including your pets, could easily become ill with exposure to mold. Finding the mold itself is difficult as it can grow undetected behind finished walls for years. Indoor Air Quality testing is a non-invasive way of finding evidence of concealed mold growth. Types and concentrations are determined through air sampling. Visible areas with suspect microbial growth will be swabbed for testing.

For more information, to book a home inspection or an indoor air testing consultation, contact us. We’re ready to assist you with your home purchase!

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