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I’m Tara Godwin, the proud owner of Attic to Alley Home Inspections Inc.

I’m excited about my first blog post. I hope that you will enjoy getting to know a little more about me.

Prior to moving to Kelowna in 2006, I spent several years renovating properties in Winnipeg. I continued with the renovation theme in Kelowna and in 2007, started a family. I became a stay-at-home Mom, volunteering for anything and everything under the sun.

Back to School

After my son had been in school for a few years, I decided to return to school myself and selected the home inspection course. I chose this field as I was interested in construction and assessing building performance over the long-term. My renovation experience and a long history of self-employment gave me the tools I needed to start my business as a Licensed Home Inspector.

Since launching my home inspection services business in 2017, the industry and my business have evolved. There have been changes in licensing for Home Inspectors and how government oversight is handled. There have been changes to the way real estate transactions are handled. Probably most importantly, as building materials age, there are changes to the way they are reported on. For example, certain known building materials, which were simply something to make people aware of five years ago, will today receive a more urgent status in the report because of escalating failure rates.

As a result, I’m proactive in my approach and strive to continuously refine my craft by enhancing my knowledge. I also enjoy investigating and putting all the pieces together. It leads to spotting issues that may be unnoticeable to the average observer or may go undetected by another inspector.

Transparent services

I take pride in going the extra mile for my clients and putting in the same effort for them as I would for my own property. This includes being diligent, reliable, and thorough. So, whether the inspection involves squeezing into a crawlspace or getting up into an attic, I leave no stone unturned to make sure clients have all the information they need to make their purchase decision.

I work with integrity, and I believe what sets me apart is my honest approach. Therefore, if I don’t fully understand something, I admit it and then figure out how or why it occurred. I also feel it’s important to make clients understand the importance of various defects without alarming them unnecessarily. So, I take the time to educate owners and tenants about the inspection process and communicate vital issues. It empowers my clients to make informed decisions on what is likely to be the biggest investment they will make in their lifetime.

Even in brand new homes, almost without exception, an inspection pays for itself in the defects or oversights found. During some inspections, I have uncovered defects that would have resulted in repair, replacement, or remediation costs to clients, ranging from thousands to over a hundred thousand dollars, had they not been uncovered during the inspection. I draw a great deal of satisfaction from finding hard-to-detect conditions and providing invaluable information when it’s needed. My meticulous attention to detail and customer service has helped to create loyal clients and the trust of respected real estate agents, which is rewarding.

Like to Stay Handy

When I’m not inspecting homes, I love to sew, build, create, entertain and cook for large groups of people. I also like camping and have just rediscovered my love of motorcycle riding. My motorcycle sat dormant for nearly a dozen years as my priorities revolved around my family, but I found myself back on the road a lot this past summer. Additionally, I enjoy road biking and have signed up for my second Gran Fondo in the summer of 2023.

Closer to home, I volunteer in my community and enjoy bringing people together for the benefit of the community and those in need.

I have enjoyed sharing my story about the things that matter to me and how they influence the way I do business.

If you or someone you know could benefit from my expertise as a Licensed Home Inspector in Kelowna, BC, I invite you to contact me. Please call (250) 718-7890 or email