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Performance Inspection Services

Do you need a Performance Inspection?

  • Did you purchase your home without an inspection?
  • Have you lived in your home for some time and would like to know what components need some attention?
  • Would you like a prioritized "to-do" list?
Home Inspection British Columbia Home Inspection British Columbia

If the answer to any of these questions is a "YES!", then a Performance Inspection is for you.

No matter where you’re at in your home ownership journey, it’s important to know about and address any problems to ensure that you’re biggest investment stays healthy.

The Performance Inspection includes an assessment and review of:

  1. The property and site
  2. The building envelope
  3. The roof
  4. The attic
  5. The condition of visible structural components
  6. The crawlspace
  7. Heating and cooling systems
  8. The electrical system
  9. The plumbing system
  10. Overview of the home’s interior

Performance inspections start at $500 plus GST and rates are based on size, age and number of kitchens in the home. One garage is included.