Multi unit (up to 4)

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Home inspectors in British Columbia are permitted to inspect buildings with up to 4 residential units. Anything more than 4 units is considered commercial and requires specific insurances and designations to be carried by the inspector. If you’re in the market for an inspection on a property with more than 4 units, make sure your inspectors have a commercial designation and carries the appropriate insurance.

After entering each of the units to get an idea of layouts, the inspection begins on the exterior treating the building as a whole. Then each unit is inspected individually. Sometimes there will be separate heating and /or water heating appliances for each unit, or at times there will be a single appliance serving the whole building. Variables such as these can change the way the property is inspected, but in general I work from top to bottom once I’ve completed the space heating, water heating and electrical inspections. Click on each link for a description.