Duplex (Half or Full)

  • Attic To Alley Home Inspections Inc.

This inspection starts with a look around the property to assess drainage and observe any conditions on the property surrounding the home that could negatively affect the home’s structure. I then look at and report on all exterior and interior components of the home, as outlined in the Scope of Inspection.

The theme of this and all inspections is to locate any items that could cost you a lot to repair or replace or would qualify as a health or life safety hazard to you and your family or anyone occupying these homes. Here are the included components. Not all of these may apply to the home you are looking at. Click on each for a description of the process.

When considering the purchase of half a duplex, there are insurance considerations relating to this type of property. Be sure you talk to your insurer to learn the specifics of policies for duplexes.