Townhome Inspection

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Townhomes are located on common property. There will be a Strata in charge of maintaining specific components of the property and often certain components of all the homes in the complex. It’s very important for you as the prospective buyer, to know what is your responsibility and what is cared for by the Strata. In any case the inspection is performed in much the same way as a detached residential inspection. Whether the defects found are the responsibility of the strata or the homeowner, you will need to know about them. Town home inspections include:

When considering the purchase of a Townhome, it is very important to read at lease one year of strata meeting minutes and to review the most recent depreciation report. These documents will give you an understanding of the maintenance habits of the strata, the lifespans and expected replacement horizons of the buildings components, whether there has been any deferred maintenance and if there is enough money in the contingency fund to cover upcoming costs.