Attic Inspection

  • Attic To Alley Home Inspections Inc.

Not all homes have attics, and not all attics can be entered. If there is an attic access, I will open it and enter wherever possible, if entry is not possible, I take as many pictures as I can from the access point. Attic inspections always have significant limitations as insulation covers many components and most often decreasing heights prevent access to eave areas. Insulation should be left undisturbed wherever possible to preserve R values, so new undisturbed insulation is not walked through.

Attics are inspected for the presence of a vapor barrier, the type and quantity of insulation, they type and condition of the roof sheathing, the presence of venting passing through the attic and roof any signs of water entry, any indication of moisture creating unwanted growth (black staining) and evidence of rodent activity.

I want to be sure that your attic is well insulated, well ventilated and that appliances exhausting to the exterior are doing so properly, and of course, pest free.

In homes that are part of a common property, where you share a wall with your neighbor, there should be a firewall separation through the attic up to the roof, completely separating the units. The presence and integrity of this firewall is confirmed where applicable.