Electrical inspection

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The safety of a home’s electrical system is critical. In improperly working or installed electrical system or component has the potential for serious injury or death to a home’s occupants. Any conditions noted in the electrical section of your report should be addressed immediately upon possession.

In an electrical inspection, the main and any subpanels are located and identified. Electrical panel cover is removed and the type of wiring supplying the circuits is identified. Each breaker is inspected to confirm if it is the correct size for the wire connected to it (or vice versa) and a search is performed for any signs of overheating or previous surges. In the home’s interior, a plug-in tester is used at accessible receptacles and light switches and light fixtures are tested for turn on.

The electrical system in a home must be properly installed and safe for every age of occupant. The system should also be well labelled at the panel so you will know what specifically each breaker controls and you can cut power to any circuit as needed.