Plumbing inspection

  • Attic To Alley Home Inspections Inc.

As a rule, much of a homes plumbing system will be hidden, but much can be learned by identifying the materials included in its installation and careful observation of conditions around the home. I will date the water heating system and confirm that all that system’s required safety installations are present. Identify the type(s) of supply piping used and the location of the main water shut off. The drainage systems are inspected, and materials identified. During the interior inspection, every faucet is tested and drainage is confirmed at every fixture. Wherever there are drainage or supply points in the home, moisture meter testing is performed to determine if water is escaping anywhere.

I am looking for any signs of leakage and piping that is either old or has been identified as having a higher potential for failure or has been recalled. Where water heating systems are concerned, you will learn its age and life expectancy.