Interior inspection

  • Attic To Alley Home Inspections Inc.

The interior inspection is a comprehensive look at what you as the homeowner will see and use every day. Some of this process has been previously described in “Plumbing inspection” and “electrical inspection” and will not be repeated here.

When I was in training to become a home inspector, one of my trainers had previously been a firefighter. His advice was to perform the inspection the way firefighters clear a home. Pick a wall either left or right and follow it around the home until you’ve been through every room. This strategy has served me well! Doors to rooms are opened and closed, doors and drawers in cabinets are opened and closed, accessible windows are opened and closed, my moisture meter is used at window sills and walls below windows and at any area moisture could be lurching – under sinks, around toilets, around showers and baths, beneath washers, fridges and dishwashers and at any water stained areas if they are accessible. I look at the bottoms of walls and baseboards for signs of previous moisture and for any cracking of finishes that goes beyond settling or material shrinkage. At times I will document cosmetic items, but it is not my focus.