Crawlspace inspection

  • Attic To Alley Home Inspections Inc.

Not all homes have crawlspaces. Many crawlspace inspections are limited by crawlspace heights, and stored items. Other limiting factors can be the presence of moisture or animal activity. If I can get in there…I’m going in. Not all items on the list below will be accessible but If I can see them or get to them, I inspect them.

When I’m under the home, I’m looking for the condition and composition of structural components of the home and foundation and in particular, around the perimeter of the home and at any plumbing supply and drainage points. The plumbing drain waste and vent materials are identified and inspected, and any electrical connections are observed. I’m on the lookout for evidence of water entry and rodent activity.

In general, I want the crawlspace to be dry and free of pests. There should be insulation where needed and in a perfect world (where applicable) a crack free foundation.

In homes that are located on a common property, where you share a wall with a neighbour, the crawlspace should be separated by a firewall. The presence and integrity of this firewall will be documented.